Motion capture & virtual reality lab

The department of psychology at the University of Sheffield houses a new motion capture and virtual reality lab facility, for experiments involving the analysis of human movement and/or full immersion of participants in a virtual environment. The lab is intended as a general-purpose research tool for use by all staff and students of the psychology department. Take a look at some images of the lab setup.


Using the lab

Please email Stuart to inquire about using the lab. I will try to maintain up-to-date instructions for how to use the lab facilities in this instructions document. If you are currently using the lab to run your experiments then please make use of the google calendar (email Stuart for access) so that we can keep track of its use and availability.


The lab was originally setup by Stuart and Tom to explore research questions about human body representations (see the virtual body schema project). The lab has since been used to track hand movements of people learning to throw darts, as well as to explore possible links between developmental disorders and deficits in motor coordination.


The motion capture and virtual reality lab has been supported through a mixture of departmental funding, an EPSRC awards to Stuart Wilson and Tony Prescott, and a faculty of science 'widening participation' grant to Tom Stafford. Significant contributions to the setup of the lab have been made by Yuehu "Tiger" Ji, Hector Barron-Gonzalez, and Andy Ham.